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“I have just received my invitations. I opened them and it brought a tear to my eye. They exceed my expectation, they are absolutely stunningly beautiful.

I cannot thank you enough for your time and detail to make these. I am so proud to send these invites out.”

— Deb & Iain

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about inkflower press


An artisan print studio with a romantic soul, Inkflower press is all about beautifully crafted wedding stationery you’ll want to treasure for a lifetime. Far more than simply ink on paper, your wedding invitations will become part of your story, imbued with joyful memories, the most precious moments made tangible.

The Inkflower Press style is elegant and inspired by nature; understated, with an emphasis on the tactile. Expect delicate botanicals on wonderfully heavy paper stock, finished with hand-dyed silk ribbons; each piece crafted with love and an eagle eye on the details.


about me

Originally trained as a weaver, colour and texture have been my world for a very long time. I came to silkscreen printing quite late on, but I’m so glad I did. I love the chance to get messy mixing the inks myself, and there’s just something magical about lifting the screen to reveal the finished print underneath!  I’ve always had a passion for beautiful paper and I’m a bit of a type geek; I can spend many happy hours selecting the perfect combination of typefaces and getting them set just so.

I’m lucky enough to live in the Wiltshire countryside with my husband Craig and our enthusiastically affectionate cat Morgan. I love to travel, though I’m equally happy as the Spring warms to spend a day pottering around my veggie garden.
Forever and always my inspiration comes from nature; seascapes that stretch to infinity right down to the tiniest botanical details. My studio is gradually filling up with little treasures to keep me connected: weathered oyster shells, lichen-covered twigs, a tiny wasp nest perfectly constructed from paper pulp…

I feel greatly privileged to make work that not only draws on my passions, but is inextricably bound up in joy, love and celebration.

Rosie x

“Just a really quick email to say that I received the invitations last weekend and absolutely love them! Thank you so much, they just look so beautiful. I opened them up and suddenly it all felt very real and very exciting - funny how little things trigger that sense of realism(/panic). I gave one to my mum earlier in the week who has subsequently shown them to half the neighbourhood - so much for keeping it all a low profile.”

— Hannah & Archie

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the printing process


A little bit about how it works

Silkscreen printing is a craft process, each stage meticulously completed by hand. First of all the design is transferred onto screens using a photosensitive emulsion. When exposed to UV light the emulsion hardens, the unexposed areas can then be washed away creating a stencil. A separate stencil is created for each colour in the design.
The prints are made by pushing ink onto paper through the tiny holes in the screen using a squeegee (love that word!). Each colour has to be printed as a separate layer to build up the finished design, each time making sure that everything is lined up perfectly and the ink is evenly distributed in the finished print.


What makes silkscreen Printing


I’ve always been a sucker for nice stationery; there’s nothing lovelier than opening an envelope to find something that just feels beautiful. Before you’ve even had a chance to look at it properly, to read the words, the feel of the gorgeous thick card tells you it’s special.  The silkscreen process gives us the opportunity to experiment with materials and create stationery for your wedding that you’ll want to treasure for a lifetime.

The quality of colour screen printing gives is just beautiful. Rather than lots of tiny dots, each colour is individually mixed by hand, making sure everything is just so. Every pull of the squeegee creates intimate contact between the screen and paper depositing a crisp layer of colour with a rich, velvety finish.



Nature provides me with so much inspiration; it’s important to me that I source my materials as responsibly as possible.  Rather than oil based inks, I print with water based acrylics, so no nasty chemicals are needed to clean them up. You can be confident that the paper stock used for your stationery has pretty incredible environmental credentials, and any waste paper gets composted and turned into vegetables.

“ I would like to thank you for all your hard work Charlotte is over the moon, mum is delighted. I have been impressed with your work and service throughout, I was a little apprehensive at Charlotte choosing someone at long distance, but it has been an easy process which has gone without a hitch, and I have to say we looked at several printers and suppliers locally and you have beaten them hands down.”

— Laurie (Father of the Bride)