Online Shop Coming Soon

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve made my New Years resolutions for 2017 already.

Not the ‘I’m giving up Chocolate and calling my Mum every Sunday without fail’ type; more a list of things I want to achieve before the end of next year. It’s all the stuff I want to look back on and feel that it’s been a year well spent.  Some of the list is personal - places I want to visit, changes I want to make in the garden - but much of my list is to do with my little business; little things to make it more fun and rewarding to work in, and the big things that will help to really drive things forward.

One of my biggest business goals is to add an integral online shop to my website.  I do have a tendency to overcomplicate things, and I realised the ordering process could really benefit from being simplified. The last thing you need when planning a wedding is another layer of complexity, right?  

Having done a little research into my current website package, and discovered that creating a shop is so much easier than I had imagined (did I mention I can tend to over-complicate things?), the really exciting thing is that I should be launching my online shop a whole year ahead of schedule!

The first phase of the shop should be ready to go over the next week or so. The basics are there, the tricky bit is figuring out how to fit it neatly into the rest of the site, but I’m getting there.  To keep things simple, to begin with I plan just to offer invitation suites and samples through the shop. Over time though, I’ll be adding all manner of lovely wedding stationery items.

A little peek at how the finished shop is looking at the moment. It's almost ready to go!

A little peek at how the finished shop is looking at the moment. It's almost ready to go!

If you’d like to be the very first to know when the shop’s up and running, then get in touch with your email address and I’ll make sure to keep you posted.