Choosing the Right Paper

I’m a paper-geek. There, I’ve said it! 

Sad as it may sound, there is something about really lovely paper that makes me ridiculously happy. And I don’t just mean in a ‘nice new notebook’ kind of way either!

The right paper stock makes all the difference to your finished stationery.

GSM (grams per square metre) numbers tend to be bandied about as a measure of quality, but weight is only part of the story.  For me it’s about finding beautiful combinations of texture, sheen, colour and handle.  In a world where so much is digital, if you’re going to the effort of sending something tangible, what comes out of the envelope needs to feel special as well as looking the part.

Whilst putting the collection together, getting the paper stock right was as much a part of the design process as picking fonts and mixing colours.  Subtle differences in the paper’s structure and surface texture can have a dramatic effect on the finished print: the ink might sit on top, giving a wonderfully crisp print, or sink in a little for a softer result. Variations in the exact shade of white can have quite an impact on the ink’s colour too.

After doing quite a lot of homework, (and deciding that my initial choice wasn’t quite right half way through printing the samples!) I’ve settled on a collection of three gorgeous papers, guaranteed to make your wedding stationery sing.



Mohawk Superfine

A brilliant all-rounder, this is what all of the samples are printed on.  I like to think of Superfine as the ‘house paper’.  Its crisp white gives colours wonderful clarity its smooth matte finish supporting the ink beautifully.  At the same time it has a lovely tactile quality, and to ensure your stationery feels extra special (verging on decadent), I use a super-heavyweight 540gsm version.



Wild is the perfect choice if you’re after a more rustic feel.  A substantial 35% cotton board with a pleasing dimpled texture.  Its warmer shade of white gives your stationery a softer finish.


Crane’s Crest Cotton

Crane’s Crest is the most luxurious paper stock. Not as thick as the others but beautifully tactile, it has a soft matte finish and that fabulous warmth in the hand you only get with 100% cotton paper.  This is the perfect choice for simple, typographic designs, where the quality of paper can really shine through.