Developing the New Collection

Today I'm really excited to share with you the beginnings of my new collection.

I printed the very first samples last week, and I’m really excited to share the results.  The first print of a new idea always makes me a little bit nervous. As brilliant as computer images are, there's nothing quite the same as a real print on beautiful, thick paper; occasionally the initial prints can throw up something quite unexpected!  I'm pretty thrilled with how this first draft is looking though, and I'd love to know what you think.

Inspiration for the new collection is an amalgamation of two separate ideas. I've been keen to work on a botanical collection for a little while; I wanted to create something whimsical and pretty with delicate, hand-drawn illustrations. A little bit flower fairies, a little bit secret garden.  More recently I’ve been drawn to the idea of love letters - precious bundles of paper, nostalgic and timeless. The idea of pen on paper spelling out the most intimate hopes and dreams has led the choice of typography. Beautiful hand written scripts combined with simple, yet slightly quirky supporting fonts.  The colour palette is muted and elegant: blue greys, dusty blush pink, copper for a hint of luxury, and lots of white space to let the paper do the talking.

I really love the concept of an invitation suite styled on a little stash of old love letters, layers of paper tied together with ribbon, maybe a little frayed from being tied and untied over the years. I’ll keep you posted on where it takes me!