Little Moments of Inspiration

Hello, I hope you’re enjoying the Summer so far.  What lovely things have you been up to whilst the Sun’s blessed us with it’s presence?

We’re lucky enough to have The Courts, a beautiful National Trust garden, on our doorstep which I’m trying to make a habit of visiting. (such a shame not to make the most of it, right?)  A couple of weeks ago I discovered my latest inspiration obsession there in the shape of poppy seed pods...

Not the little dried out seed heads I remember being fascinated by as a child.  These are generously rounded and a pleasing glaucous blue. Their surface has a lusciously matte quality, so much like my printing inks produce: smooth, but velvety and with a real depth of colour.


I seem to regularly find myself swept along by the beauty of some tiny detail, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing my moments of inspiration here!  If you have any similar beautiful little details I’d love to see them: tag me in on Instagram (@tinycardcompany) and use #loveisinthelittlethings.  I’m excited to see what lovely moments you share!