Wedding Dress Inspiration: What’s your favourite colour?

If the beautiful images on Instagram are anything to go by, coloured wedding gowns seem to be becoming a more and more popular choice.

From the most delicate hint of blush or muted metallic shades, right through to dramatic black, there’s a whole rainbow of colours out there, so it seems a shame to limit yourself to white if it’s not really your thing.

I do love a good meander around Pinterest in search of prettiness, so here I’ve drawn together a selection of glorious gowns for inspiration. (or simply for you to drool over…)  There’s acres of tulle, shimmering sequins, delicate lace and statement skirts. Just one question: which colour is your favourite?


Blush Pink


Powder Blue


Soft Gold


Silver & Grey


Dramatic Black


I'd love to know which your favorites are, or hear about any gems you've unearthed yourself. And should you need yet more inspiration, head over to my Pinterest board where the pretty continues.