The Beginnings of my Rebrand

You know how sometimes you have a carefully worked out plan and then get completely swept up in something else that’s caught your imagination instead? 

Today’s blog post is one of those; my carefully constructed plan tells me this should be the next installment of the stationery guide, but I haven’t written it yet because I got a bit carried away elsewhere. (Normal service will be resumed next week and I promise to tell you all about escort cards and table plans then!) So I’d best tell you what I actually have been doing this week instead.  

For a while now I’ve been wanting to update my brand and rename the business to better reflect the direction my work has taken. I started on the groundwork back in the spring, but found settling on a new name much harder than I had anticipated. After much deliberation I got there, (nope, I’m not telling yet!) but truthfully I think I’d lost energy for the project.  I always find Autumn is a good time to start on things, (I think the whole back-to-school thing is deeply ingrained in my psyche) and for the last month or so I’ve been plugging away, a little bit each day working through the process; reviewing where I’d got to, really delving deep into how I want my business to be, writing myself a brief and doing all the research.  This week I got my reward for doing all the groundwork and began the creative work. This mood board is the starting point for how the new branding will look and feel. Drawing out the essence from masses of ideas and images has been a real labour of love, but I’m excited at the prospect of where it might take me, and raring to get going.

Until next time,

Rosie x

P.s. If you've got any thoughts on this you'd like to share, I'd be delighted to hear them!