Studio Latest: Blackthorn Blossom Stationery Suite

Hello, what a glorious crisp morning! With the shorter days this time of year I always find a good dose of sunlight coming into the studio gives my soul a boost.

Today I want to share a design that started its gestation back in April when the hedgerows were bursting to life with the froth of white blackthorn blossom. At any given time I tend to have a few different designs on the go at various stages. One (or more) will be starting to germinate, part in my head part on paper. Another I’ll be working through on screen, adding typography and turning my initial drawings into something more coherent. Then there’s the test-print stage: pinning down the right colours and really questioning whether the idea that worked in my head and on screen holds up once it has to become ink pushed through a fine mesh. At this stage I have to get really ruthless; there are usually a few revisions and tweaks to be made, this is the point where any designs that just don’t work in the cold light of day will get abandoned or sent to the back of the pile for a total re-think.


Now it’s the end of November, I’ve just printed up the first proper batch of samples and I’m absolutely thrilled with them! I’m a little bit in love with the paper stock for these; my usual stock is just too bright a white for what I wanted to achieve, I plumped for this particular one as it has a much softer, warmer tone allowing the pearly white of the petals a subtle glow. The paper’s cotton content gives it a beautiful tactile quality, and of course I’ve gone for a substantial 600gsm weight. I know it’s a bit geeky, but these things make me incredibly happy!

There’s still the finishing details of ribbons and the like to sort out (I’m pondering white velvet rather than my usual habotai silk for these…), but all being well they should launch on the website early in the new year. If you simply can’t wait that long - Meghan, I’m looking at you, these would be perfect for May! - then drop me a line via the contact form, I’d be delighted to hear from you.