Trailing Mud and Twigs and Fireflies

“I remember a young Hobbit who was always running off in search of Elves in the woods. He’d stay out late, come home after dark, trailing mud and twigs and fireflies”
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Last week Craig and I spent a few glorious days staying in a shepherd’s hut on the beautiful South Downs.

It was camping just as you want it to be: a hidden gem of a campsite, surrounded on all sides by gently rounded, green-velvet hills, studded with poppies and buttercups.  During the days the sun shone, newly-arrived swallows whirling and swooping overhead. As the sun faded, we’d sit by our campfire, sparks rising like fireflies, on a quest for the perfectly toasted marshmallow. (In case you’re wondering: lightly speckled brown and slightly crisp on the outside, as gooey as humanly possible on the inside!)  
As I write, the sound of torrential rain in the background is giving the whole trip an aura of one of those dream-like childhood Summers. The ones which seemed to stretch on indefinitely, the sun shining every single day.


It sounds really cheesy, but taking time to step back and do not very much of anything for a few days has really helped me get a bit of clarity. As you might know, I’m working on changing my branding; where my work has developed in a new direction over the last couple of years, The Tiny Card Company as a name no longer feels like it fits. Settling on a new name though has felt like a real struggle. I want it to reflect my work, explain what I’m all about now, yet give me room to grow and develop.  Being immersed in the countryside has brought into sharp focus what my inspirations are; an epiphany of sorts, but essentially what I knew deep-down already.  Absolutely I’m inspired by nature, by flowers and the seasons but it’s more specific than that: it’s the English landscape with all those little moments of joy: the tiniest, most delicate blooms, frothy masses of cow parsley and glorious eccentric gardens, bursting with colour. That’s where my passion lies, and the direction I need to relentlessly follow.

I’ve come home refreshed, sunshine and woodsmoke in my hair, with a heart full of wild flowers.  And with a name. I’m still a little bit tentative, it’s not quite ready to share yet, but it feels right. It feels like it fits.