Work in Progress: Fifty Shades of White

Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve got lovely things planned for the weekend.

Last weekend we were up in London as a bit of a treat, taking in the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum (more to come on that soon!). It was incredibly busy so, if you fancy going along, I’d advise booking ahead.


Today I wanted to share with you some work in progress.

The idea of creating an all-white stationery suite has been buzzing around in my head for a little while.  As anyone who’s been shopping for a wedding dress (or paint for that matter!) knows, white comes in many guises. The idea of creating something intricate yet subtle - lace-like - combining only shades and textures of white appeals to me greatly.

To her credit, Sarah, the studio technician (vastly more experienced as a printer than me) did her best not to laugh out loud when I explained the idea. Sticking to the all-white brief very quickly proved to be quite a challenge.  On the “ultra white” paper I tend to use, pure white ink looses it’s crispness and takes on a yellowy tone. On translucent vellum paper (which is ever so slightly grey) the same ink looks sharp and clean. Perfect for text, but you have to be so careful with ink coverage; as the vellum has no absorbency, it has a tendency to buckle.

The other thing I’ve had to deal with is that all-white is visually quite difficult. Wedding stationery does, above all, serve a practical purpose; there’s only so hard you can ask guests’ eyes to work! Rules being made to be broken, I’ve found using a very pale grey gives enough contrast to lift the whites, pulling everything together.

So, the search for the perfect tactile, not-quite-white paper stock is ongoing, but I have found some fantastic pearlescent white ink which gives a gorgeous soft sheen when mixed with the standard opaque white.