Stationery Guide: How many do I need?


Hello, I hope you’ve managed to catch a moment of gorgeous Spring sunshine over the last few days. I have to confess I’ve been getting a little over excited about the sudden abundance of blossom.

I’m hoping to add some spring joyfulness to my show stand at the Pop Up Wedding Village on Sunday. Set in the grounds of the National Trust’s Beautiful Calke Abbey Estate in Derbyshire, it promises to be an inspiring day. It would be fabulous to see you there and chat about your plans. Advance Tickets are available here and will save you the price of entrance to Calke Abbey itself.

Following on from my guide to invitation wording, today’s post will help you with the numbers.


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The good news is you'll only need one invitation per household, rather than a separate one for every guest. A good rule of thumb is that you’ll need around 2/3 as many invitations as guests.  Numbers will vary slightly from one wedding to another, so it’s worth double checking against your guest list before you order. I always advise ordering a few spare invitations for peace of mind. Late additions to the guest list do happen, and unfortunately it’s very expensive, and not always possible, to get a few extras printed at short notice.


save the date cards

As with invitations, if you’re sending these you’ll only need one per household.   


orders of service / programmes / orders of the day

There are two ways you can go here: one each or to share.  
Most guests will be perfectly happy to share; you’ll need at least one between two. I would suggest ordering 2/3 as many as guests.
To have one each, you’ll need to order a few extras: your officiant will need one, as will any choir or musicians.
If you’re opting for an Order of the Day, you might prefer to have one or two large ones stationed in prominent positions instead of individual cards.

escort cards and place cards

You’ll clearly need one per person of these, though if you’re not getting the names printed, order a contingency of 10% to allow for mistakes when writing them out.



Either use one menu per person as part of the place settings, or place one or two in each table.


thank you cards

Again 2/3 the number of guests should be about right. One per household with a few spare for anyone else you might want to thank after the day.