New Collection: Hedgerow Blossom


Hello, I hope you’re enjoying the early Summer sunshine. The roses in my garden have started to flower and they just smell heavenly!  

Today I wanted to introduce the new Hedgerow Blossom suite. The samples got such lovely comments at the last couple of wedding shows, so I hope you like it!  Sample sets are available to order, or if you’ve already decided these need to be your wedding invitations, fill in the form here and I’ll send you a quote, or drop me a line at with details of what you’d like.

Ink Flower Press 2018-95.jpg

In April and May the Cotswold hedgerows burst into life with masses of tiny white flowers; a celebration of exuberant spring blossom.  It’s a moment in the year I always find inspiring: the froth of petals, alive with little pollinating insects and the promise of Summer to come.

The hedgerow blossom stationery suite aims to capture the essence of that moment. The simplicity and elegance of the tiny white blooms en masse. The sense of celebration and the promise of good things ahead.

For this design I really wanted to play with the idea of shades of white, opting for a substantial warm white paper as a foil for the gently pearlescent petals. The palest shade of grey is just enough to pick out the detail without taking over.  As the blossom is the star, I’ve kept the typography simple and elegant with the option of either the same pale grey, or a richer copper.

Beautiful photography: Bethany Stanley