New Collection: Winter Seedheads


After all that glorious sunshine, hasn’t it started to feel a little autumnal?  I always feel there’s a sort of back to school energy in the air at this time of year; we all start to get back into the swing of things.  I know I’ll be taking some time over the next week or so to get my plans for the next few months in shape! 

Fitting then, as summer starts to fade, to be introducing my Winter Seedheads collection.

There is an otherworldly kind of beauty on those perfect winter mornings. The ones washed in bright, watery sunlight; low enough to silhouette a blade of grass, and dancing like fireflies over the frost.  Using the sinuous lines of frost-bitten stems and gently shimmering white ink, this design evokes that magical winter light.

This design makes the most of the silkscreen printing process; layering one ink on top of another so some stems are partially hidden, others silhouetted against shimmering white frost.  I’ve kept the typography elegant and minimal, the spacious finished look making the most of the cotton rich paper stock and allowing the pearlescent white details to glimmer gently in the light. 

The Winter Seedheads collection is currently available in either ethereal white on white, or a richer copper version.   Sample sets are available to order, though if you’ve already decided these need to be your wedding invitations, fill in the form here or drop me a line at with details of what you’d like and I’ll send you a quote.


Beautiful photography: Bethany Stanley