Choosing a Wedding Stationery Designer


Choosing your stationery should be one of the joys of wedding planning, there’s a special kind of excitement in sending out really gorgeous invitations and today’s post has a few pearls of wisdom to help you choose your perfect stationery designer.


start by being clear on what you’re looking for

Getting a little bit of clarity early on in proceedings will make the planning process simpler and so much more enjoyable

If you’ve not already, take some time to sit down together and sketch out the overall look and feel of your wedding. Ideally create something you can refer back to - whatever works for you: a pinterest board, physical mood board or even just a list of a few key words to keep you on track. This will become invaluable as you whittle down the options for all kinds of decisions.

As you research stationery options keep in mind the feel you want for your wedding and look for a designer whose aesthetic fits the bill.

Every designer will work in their own particular way, and most will be more than happy to tweak their designs a little. Putting the effort in to define what you want and find someone whose style really resonates will make the whole process something to treasure. When commissioning a bespoke design this becomes even more important; there’s a massive amount of trust involved on both sides, and you can be committing a lot of money upfront. As a rule of thumb if you don’t love the rest of a designer’s portfolio, you’re likely to be disappointed by any work you commission.

be realistic about your budget

Budget. I know. It’s tedious and dull. I’m a girl of expensive tastes so I feel your pain! Be realistic about what you’re comfortable spending on your stationery, and take some time to consider which items are essential. Do you need to have absolutely everything or are there few items you could trim and still have those really beautiful quality invitations?

bear in mind lead times

Also a bit boring, but it’s worth paying attention to these at the start of your research to avoid coming unstuck. As I print everything by hand, there’s a limit to how much I can produce so my lead times are quite long: usually 4-6 weeks from approving artwork. Once you’ve chosen a designer, even if you don’t quite have your order finalised, get in touch to secure your booking as soon as possible.

consider materials and processes

Think about the last business card someone gave you, or the last invitation you received. How did it make you feel?

Most designers will have favoured processes and materials which will become significant elements of your finished stationery. For me there’s something incredibly pleasing about stationery that’s beautifully printed onto really lovely quality paper. I get very excited about wonderfully tactile paper stocks, either perfectly crisp and smooth or - even better - delicately textural, cotton-rich and slightly warm to the touch, and always decadently thick! I also adore traditional print processes (especially silkscreen of course!); there’s something about the depth and quality of colour you get from a physical process that digital print somehow doesn’t manage to replicate.