New Clematis Collection


How is it May already? I feel like I’m questioning the disapearence of time more and more at the moment, maybe it’s a sign I’m getting old! This post is a case in point, I’ve been meaning to get this pretty suite of stationery up on the website for most of the year and I’ve only just managed it. I hope you like it! If this is your perfect stationery suite, you can get in touch with your requirements here.


Clematis started life as a project for a wintry inspiration shoot, with drawings based on a wild clematis that has taken up residence outside my house. Because I love the twining leaves so much the design’s taken on a life of it’s own. I reworked and refined the original using different colours and a beautiful new script to accent the names.

With the golds and layers of vellum I wanted to try and evoke glimpses of faded elegance. My muse was a grand old building, once gilded and glittering, filled with candlelight and dancing; now softened with time, foliage gently creeping up it’s walls, but still retaining a whisper of its old magic.

I’ve chosen to style the invitations with white linen thread rather than silk ribbon. Either would work and the place cards look stunning trimmed with ribbon; the thread seemd to echo the delicate stems picking up on the white line of the vellum’s torn edge and the delicate semi-seen stems.


If you’d like to see more, you can view the Clematis collection pages. Or to place an order, get in touch with your requirements.