Crazy Cat Lady

First things first, apologies if this post makes you cry and/or accidentally adopt a cat.

Anyone following my Instagram feed has probably noticed a couple of new faces popping up around tiny card company HQ.  You might also be missing an old face as over the Summer, we very sadly lost our grumpy old cat Morris. He came to us as a rescue cat and had been with us for a little over 11 years. The house suddenly became very quiet and I no longer had my little furry supervisor helping with the paperwork and making sure I was taking regular tea breaks. In late September we tentatively decided to explore taking on a new feline friend. Ten days later we brought home two fabulous furballs and I think it's about time to make some formal introductions...


Morgan is the cheekiest little scamp.

At eight months he's somewhere between kitten and cat. Just like a toddler, he's into absolutely everything and loves to play. He has boundless energy, no fear and the attention span of a particularly flighty moth.

Morgan likes:

  • chasing and pouncing
  • getting places he shouldn't be
  • dreamies
  • licking things - feet, faces, windows, arthur's bum...
  • being picked up for cuddles
  • supervising DIY

Morgan dislikes:

  • not being allowed places




Arthur is a gentle soul.

He's about 2 years old and about as calm and quiet as Morgan is outgoing and exuberant. He has massive owl-like green eyes and the girliest little mew you can imagine! He took Morgan under his wing in their foster home and still gives him a wash from time to time. (soo cute!) He was stray for a while, so he really appreciates his home comforts!

Arthur likes:

  • food - I've so far failed to capture the little paws-in-the-air samba he does at teatime!
  • his nice cosy bed by the radiator
  • nose bumps
  • cardboard boxes
  • chasing the laser dot
  • did I mention food?

Arthur dislikes:

  • not being allowed outside
  • Morgan disturbing his peace!
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