Finding Inspiration: The Somerset Coastline

I love the sea. Not necessarily the blue sky and white sand beach type either (although that would be very nice…) I perversely studied for my degree at Loughborough, about as far from the sea as it’s possible to get on our little island, and spent my final year working on seascapes!  What really gets me going creatively is watching the waves on a deserted stretch of coast. If it’s on the windswept and moody side, so much the better! (Nothing that three jumpers and a flask of tea can’t sort out!).  We recently took our camper van, Sprocket, on his first overnight adventure to Kilve, one of my favourite bits of Somerset coastline. As well as a grey and moody sea, I captured some of the coastal flora. I might have got a little bit carried away by the wild carrot, but you know me and cow parsley!

We're off for a couple of weeks in search of more windswept coastline (and to find out if vanlife is as good an idea as it sounds!), but I have some lovely stuff lined up for you in the meantime. If you'd like to follow our adventures, (WiFi willing) I'll still be on Instagram. Otherwise I'll be back for business from the 25th.

Until next time,

Rosie x