Introducing the Anemone Collection

Today I’m really excited to be able to properly introduce my new Anemone stationery collection.

As always, it feels like it’s been a very long time in the making; I always forget how much needs doing even once I’ve got all the samples printed!

My trip to Copenhagen last September provided the inspiration for this collection. The gardens were filled with swathes of gorgeous Japanese anemones, all pirouetting like ballerinas on their wiry stems. What I wanted to capture was that effortless graceful movement, the sense of elegance combined with a pinch of the Copenhagen fairytale magic which was seemingly around every corner.


In terms of typography, I knew I wanted a romantic script to really bring the fairytale element to the collection. I finally chose this one for its fine lines and flowing movement. I love the way it twirls across the paper!  Copenhagen’s fairytale history sits alongside a present filled with some of the best in contemporary design - elegant and simple with a nod towards the vintage. I wanted the complementary typeface to do something similar, so I’ve chosen something with a clean, modern feel but also with very subtle vintage detailing and a certain lightness about it. I think the two pair perfectly, I hope you agree!

Tiny Card Company 10-17-5.jpg

Developing the colour palette was possibly the trickiest element of the design process. I adore the multicoloured buildings along Nyhavn and was really keen to incorporate their particular combination of freshness and softness; something which proved surprisingly elusive!  
After realising that combining too many colours simply didn’t suit my style,  I finally settled on drawing out individual colours from the Copenhagen palette: a lovely soft warm blue, the verdigris of the city’s roofs and spires, and the pink of the anemones themselves.

So far I’ve added invitations and sample packs to the shop. More options will be coming soon, but do get in touch in the mean time if you’d like other items, I’m always happy to quote for your particular requirements.

I hope you enjoy the gorgeous airy photographs, they’re by the wonderful Bethany Stanley (you can check out more of her work here).