about the process

Rooted in the Wiltshire countryside’s gardens and hedgerows, each design germinates in my sketchbook, drawn - repeatedly and slightly obsessively - with my favourite black pen. Paired with thoughtfully chosen typography, the digitised drawings are then painstakingly crafted into fully formed artwork ready for print.

Printing is the magical part: where ink meets paper beautiful ideas are transformed into exquisite, tangible pieces ready be treasured. I use a water-based silkscreen process on decadently tactile papers, printing and finishing every item by hand. The quality of colour the silkscreen process achieves is just glorious: each colour is individually mixed, the screen lifting each time to reveal a a crisp layer of colour with a rich, velvety finish.


about me

Particular about paper, with a fascination for typography and sporting prussian blue cuticles more often than I’d like, I absolutely adore working with couples who share my appreciation of the tangible and the beautifully crafted. Helping you celebrate and treasure one of life's most precious landmarks is my joy and privilege.

I love to travel, though when not flecked with printing ink or poring over paper, you’re more likely to discover me pootling about in my Wiltshire garden with a cup of tea, ably supervised by Morgan, our enthusiastically affectionate black cat.

Rosie x