the bottom line of my privacy policy is that i promise to treat any personal information with the utmost respect. 

If you choose to trust me with your personal details, that trust is important to me.  I view being involved in of life’s defining events a tremendous privilege, whether that’s creating your wedding stationery suite, or simply offering inspiration through the newsletter.

What information do I hold, how do I use it, and how long do I hold it for?

If you sign up to  the newsletter I’ll ask for your email address (so I can actually send you the newsletter), your name (because it feels polite to address emails to you personally), and I may also ask for your planned wedding date (this is useful in keeping the email list up to date).  To ensure you don’t receive any emails from me once you’re no longer interested, I clean out my email list on a regular basis; you can of course unsubscribe at any time.

In order to provide you with a quote, along with your name, contact details and wedding date, I’ll ask for details of your wedding plans: guest numbers, stationery items you require along with any other details you might wish to provide.  I’ll keep these details on file until your wedding date, unless you ask me to remove them sooner.

Your wedding stationery involves not only your contact information, but all sorts of details about your wedding day. Unless requested otherwise, everything relating to your order will be kept for 3 months after your wedding date, in case of last minute than you cards etc.  Anything printed with your personal information will be shredded, and where appropriate, composted and turned into vegetables.


where are my details held?

Other than those absolutely necessary to delivering my services, I will never ever pass your details on to any 3rd party. You certainly won’t receive any unsolicited marketing; I wouldn’t want it and I’m sure you don’t either!  To enable me to offer my services, I use a minimum of carefully chosen tools to collect and securely store any personal information.  So you can be absolutely certain who holds what data, these are the services I use:

SQUARESPACE: Hosts my website, and collects information via newsletter sign-ups, contact forms and online purchases.

MAIL CHIMP: Stores information from sign up forms. They also handle updating your preferences and if you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

FASTMAIL: My email provider. Any information from contact forms, or details I need to complete online purchases are emailed to me.

Where can I update my details?

You can update your details and manage your subscription preferences at any time here, or send me an email: