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Hello, I’m Rosie; owner, designer, printer (and tea lady) at Inkflower Press. If we’re going to be working together, I really ought to tell you a little bit about myself.

Particular about paper, with a fascination for typography and hair in an ever-changing shade of pink, I seem to find myself sporting prussian blue cuticles more often than I’d like. I absolutely adore working with couples who share my appreciation of the tangible and the beautifully crafted; helping you celebrate and treasure one of life's most precious landmarks is a complete joy and privilege for me.

I love to travel whenever I can, either escaping to the Welsh coast to bury my toes in the sand or discovering unfamiliar delights much further afield. Though when not flecked with printing ink or poring over paper, you’re most likely to discover me pootling about in my Wiltshire garden with a cup of tea (or a gin and tonic), ably supervised by Morgan, our enthusiastically affectionate (and spectacularly camera-shy) black cat.

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